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New Tarter 55" ATV Flip Disc Harrow *We can Ship, Ask For a Quote*

New Tarter ATV/UTV Flip Disc for food plots and gardens. This disc harrow is made in USA (Liberty KY) * Sealed Roller Bearings for Long Life as compared to others boxing type. * Ideal for tilling game plots and gardens quick and efficiently. * Easily pulled behind 4 wheelers and small tractors. * Transport disc on wheels, then simply flip over to d ...  More


Used Cobey 7 ft. Wheel Type Disc Harrow --Can ship $1.85 per loaded mile

Used Cobey 7 ft. wheel disc. * Comes with hydraulic cylinder and hoses. * This disc has full set of scrappers * On sealed bearings. * Front Blades measure 16" Rear Blades measure 17" * 7" Spacing between blades * This disc has the replacable roller bearings and they are all good * New parts added as needed * All bearings are good and all gangs turn ...  More


Multipurpose 6 ft. (3 point) Disc Harrow --We Can Ship

Multipurpose 6 Ft. Lift Disc harrow * Made USA * Easy adjust disc gangs angle by pulling 2 pins * Blades spaced wider in the front than in the back. This configuration allows the disc to be more aggressive with the front gangs and then follow with a closer spaced blade setting in the rear. * Blades are s"Notched" in the front and "Smooth" in the ba ...  More


New Big Bee HD 6 ft. (3 point) Disc Harrow *We Can Ship, Ask for a Quote*

New Big Bee 300 Series (2018) "E Z Just" HD 6 ft. Disc harrow * Made in Alabama by Darrell Harp Enterprises in Red Bay, Al. USA * Working width 6 1/2 ft. * Approx. Weight 725 lbs. * This disc features Heavy Duty Greasable Bearings (see photos). * 10 Notched 18" Blades across the front * 10 Smooth 18" Blades across the back. * Category 1 Hook Up. *W ...  More


New Big Bee 5 1/2 ft. (3 point) Disc Harrow *We can Ship, Ask For a Quote*

New Big Bee 5 1/2 ft. Lift Disc With 3 Point Hitch This disc harrow is made by Darrell Harp Enterprises, Red Bay, Al. * Made in USA * Model 16x16 (5 1/2 ft. overall cutting width) * Features 16 Notched blades 16" Diameter * Category 1 Hook Up * Weight 450 lbs. * Cat. 1 (3 point hitch) * 1 year Manufacturers warranty against defects and workmanship. ...  More


New Dirt Dog HD 8 ft. (3 point) Disc Harrow --Can ship very inexpensive!!!

New Dirt Dog Mfg. HD 3 Point Lift Disc 8 ft. cutting width. * Made in USA--Commerce, GA This company also makes disc harrows for Bush Hog.* Weight 902 lbs.* Number of disc = 22* Disc diameter = 20" (notched all away around)* 7 1/2 in. spacing between disc blades in rear and 9" spacing in the front for great finishing work.* Overall width 96"* Cat. ...  More


Dearborn 5ft. PULL TYPE Bog Disc, We Can Ship FAST AND CHEAP


Massey Ferguson 6 ft. (3 point) Disc Harrow --We Can ship Fast and Cheap


48" ATV Cultipacker *We can Ship Cheap *Ask For a Quote*


48" ATV, TRACTOR Cultipacker *We can Ship Cheap *Ask For a Quote*


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